The Best Ferreiras Kitchen Design And Trends

Kitchen design like any industry have their fashion trends and over the past years there has been a notable shift from traditional kitchens to a more cleaner and modern look. The most popular and latest look is the high glass unit which comes in an array of color options that offer a clean simple look. Statistics have revealed that around 26% of people would choose a high gloss contemporary kitchen and around 38% of people would choose a contemporary wood finish.

The most popular door option is profiled wrap doors that are available in high gloss and traditional matt and the other recent popular door choice is Melamine hard wearing doors which are low maintenance and are edged with resistant impact edging. Due to eco awareness and high costs semi and solid wooden doors are fast becoming a thing of the past. Veneer doors are gaining popularity as solid doors are becoming more expensive and scarce. 

The latest kitchen design trends at Ferreira’s include high gloss acrylic doors, unlike a few years ago were considered high cost and the wear ability low. Not suited to most peoples taste are hand painted doors which have a country style finish, as most people are opting for the more modern look. The most popular color choices are white and cream although some people still opt for red, blue and black. 

There has been a notable rise in grainy woods and include the pear wood, apple wood, walnut and cherry wood. Stainless steel handles enhance and make the kitchen look bigger and simple push drawers are now the latest kitchen design trend, meaning handles are no longer required. Stainless steel still remains a strong influence in both traditional and modern kitchens. And preferred materials for kitchen worktops are granite. 

However some people still prefer laminate work as well as Surino and Corian and some are choosing decorative concrete, stainless steel and glass. If you are embarking on a new kitchen design, rather opt for a more wow look as opposed to budget driven design. Rather spend extra and enjoy your investments for many years to come. 

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