Under-Floor Heating Systems A Modern Innovation

Under-floor heating – who would have thought of that? A lot more people than you think, in fact.
We know about modern day under-floor heating, but what we may not know is that under-floor heating actually goes way back, into ancient time. It actually goes as far back as 5000 B.C. Can you believe that? Back then, they just did not have the technology that we have today.
Under-floor heating is a method used to heat a room or a building through the floor and it can be either electronic or water based.
Under-floor heating goes as far back as the Neoglacial and the Neolithical periods. It has been found, that, in ancient times, smoke was being drafted from fires through trenches covered with stones, in the floors of the subterranean dwellings of the people who lived in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and in Asia. The floor stones were then heated by hot smoke, and that heat in the floor stones was then sent into their living areas.
Those early forms of under-floor heating has now evolved into modern day heating systems, which uses either electrical cables, or wires and mats, and pipes filled with fluid.
The wet under-floor system, which consists of pipes being installed under the floor, is top quality and the best, but it could be rather difficult to install it, because the floor will have to be lifted in order for the pipes to be installed under the floor.
That can be quite inconvenient, so, in an already existing building, it is better to install an electrical under-floor heating system, because the electrical cables and/or mats are placed on the already existing subfloor, and the floor height will need to be raised by only a few millimetres. It is also much more affordable than wet under-floor heating systems.
Here are a few tips on how to install under-floor heating systems.
Wet under-floor heating system:

  1. Pre-assembled manifold is fitted on the wall.
  2. Lay a self-adhesive fixing rail all the way down to your floor insulation.  
  3. Next, the under-floor heating pipe is connected to the manifold. Lay your pipes into your fixing rail. Insulation clips must be used between on turns and fixing rails, and then it is connected back to your manifold.
  4. Fill the manifold with water by connecting a hosepipe to the taps on the manifold.
  5. Then you connect your heating.

Electrical under-floor heating system:

  1. Paint your floor with thermal-primer to make it dust-free.
  2. Mark your floor for the right under-floor heating positions.
  3. Next, you lay out your heating wire and then cover it with fixing tape.
  4. Now the floor probe thermostat needs to be connected and the heater needs to be switched on.
  5. Tile cover and adhesive needs to be applied.

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