Kitchen Worktops

When re designing your kitchen one of the first questions that come to mind will most certainly be the kitchen tops.  And what is the Rolls Royce of kitchen tops?  The granite kitchen top Of course there are other classy designs to go with and all is not lost if your budget does not allow for the granite top.
Kitchen worktops can also be made from marble, slate or limestone and proves to be spectacular in its own right.  Of course the wooden kitchen work top is a trusted old favourite and the choices are limitless.  Depending on the type of wood, you are able to choose the colour and design accordingly. It also brings in that natural feeling. A part of nature is a part of your kitchen. It is also a natural hygienic material and will be a great investment. Unfortunately there will always be a negative and in this case it requires a great deal of maintenance.

Your next best thing, contrary to popular belief is the laminate kitchen worktop. Stereotypically the laminate kitchen worktop had a reputation of not being of good quality, however lately the styles, designs and durability has improved immensely and it is now one of the most top purchased kitchen tops.  It allows for many styles and designs and is therefore very popular and can spruce up any kitchen at the drop of a hat.  The only downside is that it damages easily when something hot is placed on the surface.  I suppose nothing is perfect.

As with everything else the kitchen top project is not to be taken lightly. You need to establish your budget and purchase accordingly.  You also need to keep in mind how long the material will have to last before you are able to afford new ones.  Sometimes buying something more expensive means more durability and in the end it lasts longer.  The money will be well spent, where if you buy something less expensive and it damages easily, you might have to replace in half the time you would if you chose the more expensive material.

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