Think Plan Execute Renovate

When renovating your bathroom always remember any bathroom has the potential to be fantastic regardless of size. Remember to keep it simple and keep it clean adding to many additions will quickly go from comfortable to cramped, plan every aspect, if it is well planned it will be well executed even the most simplest of fixtures if thought out and implemented correctly will make the world of difference.

Try to keep fixtures such as the bathtub, basin and toilet white in colour, this will help to incorporate any design style into your bathroom and also allows you to change the design later on.  

Planning a budget (what to budget for) is the most important aspect if you do not have the funds to completely renovate your bathroom. Here are some aspects to budget for.

• Fixture
• Fittings
• Surfaces
• Bathroom accessories
• Labour that will be used
• None slip durable tiles.
• Tempered glass

That being said the size of your bathroom is very important as well as where in the house it is located, for instance if you have a bathroom that is directly next to a bedroom why not make it a on suite bathroom by simply creating a doorway in the wall (this can be done by a professional or you may wish to do it yourself) leading into the bedroom. If the bathroom is of a small size doing this will give it the illusion of being bigger not to mention that by making this minor adjustment you may even have increased the value of your home.

Also on the matter of size be careful to add too much into a bathroom that is small keep it basic. For a small bathroom you may want to replace the bathtub with a corner shower. Arrange the basin and toilet against the wall and move any bathroom furniture out you may want to consider a built in cupboard which your basin can be fitted into, doing this will not only look fantastic but will give your bathroom a feel of being bigger.

For a medium sized bathroom the same layout applies as with a small bathroom except that with a medium bathroom you can trade your shower for a bathtub because your bathroom is not big enough to have both a bathtub and a shower you may opt for a handheld shower system that is installed into the bathtub with its own faucets. In a medium bathroom you are allowed a maximum two small bathroom furniture items such as a stool and a small magazine stand.

For a large bathroom you are allowed a bathtub, shower, toilet and a basin. You may add some shelves and a bathroom cabinet in a large bathroom. In a large bathroom you are allowed more bathroom furniture, if they are arranged along the wall the space will appear larger.

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