Some Deck Design Ideas

Styles, designs and materials for decks offer the homeowner endless opportunities to influence the beauty of the home and enhance its appearance. People can install decks in the outdoor braai area, entertainment areas, at the poolside, on the patio and even in some elevated sections of the home. In fact, indoor decks blend in beautifully handrails and balustrades made from a combination of wood and stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a versatile material simply because it does not rust so it is ideal for the interior as well as exterior of the home.
Wooden decks are very popular in South Africa and they are also commonly used to provide a platform on which to place the centrepieces in the garden. Decks have for a long time been part and parcel of many landscaping ideas. Wooden decks around the braai area in particular, must be treated with fire resistant chemicals and they must preferably be made with solid, durable hardware that has been treated to reject water and not retain much moisture.
Many sports bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels also use decks to give their establishments an informal yet classy and trendy feel. South Africans are a laidback bunch that really go wild when watching heated sporting action; wooden decks, a matching bar and pool table are a welcome sight for patrons.
The best way to choose a design for a deck is to discuss your intentions with other people that live in the home and get valuable feedback and other ideas from them. If the budget allows, homeowners can invite a home d├ęcor specialist to visit the property and offer the insight based on industry knowledge, their experience and creative edge.
Superior workmanship is very important for the long life and high quality of the deck and its design. The frame must be built sturdy with the correct spacing between panels. Using short screws is the most common cause for the need for repairs to decks and this can be avoided by consulting with a reputable contractor who prides himself on a job well done.

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