Skylight Prices And Factors To Consider When Costing

A skylight can be a valuable addition to any building and can be built to let in light into a dark space, to direct sun and heat into a cool room, as well as to provide light and ventilation to places which are otherwise damp or in need of air flow.  There are many different types of skylights and types of installations. The cost of the skylight will very much depend on certain factors.

These include:

• The cost of the skylight:  There are three main categories which divide into nine different styles of skylights. These divide further into various finishes, colours, materials and shapes.  All of these factors will cause a variation in price.  Finishes such as a tint to the glass, functional requirements such as an open and close mechanism and the size of the skylight will all have effects on cost.  Some skylights are just expensive, such as the solar tube light, which is designed to amplify the light it streams through into small spaces.  Other factors such as automation of opening mechanisms and whether glass or Perspex is used are also factors.

• Installation costs: Fixed skylights tend to be less complex to install and as a result they will be less expensive.  There are a lot of other aspects which may also affect the ease and type of installation, such as the shape of the roof, how high it is, how big the skylight is and how complicated the skylight is, e.g. whether it can open.  It is important to factor all of these in with the cost of the skylight, as well as to check how much it will cost over a longer period of time to maintain, especially if it is automated.

Costing the installation of the skylight is a lot easier if a professional is consulted. Obtain quotes from various contractors and ensure that they pros and cons of each type of skylight and installation are understood.  It is advisable to pay more for a proper installation by a specialist who can give a warrantee on the installation and ensure the window will not leak.

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