Easy Steps For Shower Caulking

´╗┐Shower caulking is the process of applying a compound known as caulk to cracks that are found between the tiles in the shower. This is done in order to seal off the cracks and make sure that no moisture goes through the cracks to the back of the tiles where mildew and bacteria may then grow. The nice thing about caulking is that, if applied properly, it not only performs its function as a sealant but it also has a good visual effect. In order to caulk the shower properly, the following steps may be taken:

Remove the old caulk if there was ever any.

It is always important to make sure that a surface is clean before applying anything to it. Caulking is no different.

If the caulk you are to apply is a second or third or even fourth time the caulk is being applied, check to see if there was ever any mildew that grew somewhere before applying the caulk. This is vital as if the caulk is applied with the mildew still there; it will continue to grow which defeats the whole purpose of caulking in the first place. If there was or is mildew, use hot water and bleach to get rid of it.

Then, allow for some ventilation into the shower room. For your own safety, ventilation is important because of the chemicals you are working with when cleaning and caulking. Additionally, ventilation is important in order to make sure that the area is completely dry before beginning the caulking process. A dark, warm, moist area always forms the playground of the very mold that you are trying to get rid of.

Lastly, select the best kind of caulk to use and use a caulk gun or squeeze tube to apply. Make sure that the kind of caulk that you use is suitable for the use of a shower or at least any area which is constantly exposed to wetness-not all of them are. Also make sure that the caulk is mildew-resistant. The tins or boxes that the caulk substance comes in will have such information and will have detailed instructions on how to use the caulk.

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