Comparison Between Shower Curtains And Frameless Shower Doors

´╗┐Frameless shower doors serve the main purpose of adding style to the bathroom more than any other purpose. Unlike shower curtains, they are more elegant and can complement the rest of the bathroom very well. It is only fair to mention that shower curtains can come with various designs on them which one could work with fro decorative reasons. However, it is the sophistication of the frameless shower door that makes it a preferred choice.

The only major down fall to frameless shower doors is that they are a bit of a mission to clean given the fact that they are made from different kinds of glass and glass alternatives. Shower curtains are a better choice in this regard as they do not have to maintain a sparkle and hence can simply be wiped with a wet cloth. When it comes to cleaning frameless shower doors, the best thing to do is to collect some of the tips of cleaning glass such as that of the method of cleaning the glass using vinegar.

When it comes to buying and installation, the shower curtain is less complicated and costs less than the frameless shower door. Shower curtains are made of much cheaper materials (i.e. plastic) than frameless shower doors which are made from glass; hence, shower curtains are much cheaper to purchase. A shower curtain can still be adjusted without it having to be taken down if there were minor measurement faults during fitting. A frameless door, on the other hand, is not that easy. Frameless shower doors have to be taken down if something went wrong during the process of installation. If mistakes are ignored, the shower door will not look as good as it should.

The shower curtain is much less practical than a frameless shower door. One of the biggest irritants about a shower is the water that splashes out onto the floor outside the shower room. A shower curtain cannot help much of this situation as water manages to sip out anyway. Frameless shower doors are a big help at this as they, in a way, seal the person inside the shower and prevent the water from finding its way out.

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