Interior Paint Tips

Start by painting small areas or rooms first, such as a hallway or shower room.  The results can be seen earlier on in the process and will allow the painter to get the full effect of the paint before the expense of painting a large area is tackled.  It will also be easier and cheaper to change than a large painted area.

Mood is always a factor inside a home, and it is important to consider the function of the area to be painted and which moods it should promote.  For instance in a bedroom, muted colours are advised as brights would be too stimulating and prevent relaxation and tranquility.  Play areas can be painted in bright colours which will promote happiness and stimulation.

The lighting of the area to be painted is important as it can be complemented or undermined by paint. Glossy enamels are generally not suitable for interiors as they can be glaring and will magnify surface imperfections.  Fluorescent, incandescent or natural light inside the room are also important.  Try to get a good combined result.

It is also important to learn the paint speak.  It is good to know the difference between a hue and a colour, the saturation or the colour brilliance.

Test paint type or colour on an area of the wall to be painted and get the general feel of the colour before painting the whole house.  Paint suppliers will quite often provide free test pots or sell small quantities of paint at very low cost for this purpose.  It is easier and cheaper to repaint a block than a whole wall.

Paints now come in all kinds of finishes and can add interest and intensity to a space.  There are paints with eggshell or metal finishes, high sheen, low sheen and powdered finishes. All these can be used to complement the gravity or frivolity of a room.

It is quite often a good idea to view rooms as a unit in order to determine how the paint will align them or make them work together.  For instance, walk from one room to another and determine how much of one room can be perceived from another, and paint accordingly.

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