Everyone Should Have a Spa Bath

Showers have well and truly taken over as the first choice for people to cleanse their bodies. Baths have become almost obsolete, they have now become the place where you wash your pet and occasionally have a soak yourself. However, there has been a new development in the world of bathrooms. Something that has always only been the preserve of the rich and famous, has now found its way into the bathrooms of regular folk. Spa baths are becoming more and more affordable and hence more and more popular. It used to be a case that the only time regular folk, i.e. the middle classes, saw spa baths was either on television or the movies, or at a fancy hotel, and then children were not allowed to operate it. It is hard to trace the exact time when spa baths suddenly became cheap enough for most people to own.

When spa baths did suddenly became popular, bathroom fitters everywhere must have been kicking themselves for not having thought of it first. The concept behind a spa bath is obviously the Jacuzzi, but realistically very few people need that much bubble power. So the spa bath is a happy compromise. They have taken the basic bath and enlarged it slightly, some spa baths are fitted into corners to get the bean shape, and drilled a few holes in the sides to which they have attached hoses which feed and recycle the water in the bath. The size of the motor is negligible and most importantly it is cheap to replace.

While the shower is no danger of being evicted by the spa bath, for purely practical reasons (who has an hour to freshen up every day), the spa bath has saved the original bath concept from being relegated to the garage forever. The spa bath has brought the romance back to having a bath and that alone is reason enough to take the plunge and invest in one for yourself. This is a treat which every hardworking homeowner should have, as it will lead to so many arguments being forgotten and just avoided completely.

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