A Look At Sliding Doors

A sliding door differs from conventional doors that swing open in a sense that they slide on a fitted track. They are very popular and can be styled to specifications. Sliding doors are attractive for those that have a flair for interesting yet easy decor. Sliding doors have been around for centuries and their existence can be traced back to first century Italy. Glass sliding doors, in particular, make the room appear larger than it is and this illusion is very attractive in residences with limited space.                                                          
Sliding doors come in two main variations namely top hung sliding doors and bottom rolling sliding doors. Of the two, top hung sliding doors are the most common type. Top hung sliding doors hang on trolley hangers running in a concealed track. The door is carried by hangers to allow for opening and closing. In case the door is slammed, a track stopper is fitted to absorb the shock. A reputable contractor knows about these things and will recommend a suitable sliding door for any home.

Bottom rolling sliding doors roll on a track fitted at the bottom of the door. The entire weight of the door rests on the two bottom wheels therefore it takes more force to open and close a bottom rolling sliding door than it does to operate a top hung sliding door. 

Sliding doors come in a variety of materials but wood and glass are by far the most common. Wooden sliding doors give the home a classic and divinely elegant appearance. Glass sliding doors are favoured for use in the shower as well as rooms the lead to the swimming pool or exterior entertainment area. Establishments that provide accommodation facilities are prefer glass sliding doors because they allow for daylight harvesting which is an excellent way to keep the electricity bill low. Glass sliding doors can also double as a huge window and let generous amounts of natural light to enhance the d├ęcor pieces in the room. Sliding doors a fine way to tastefully improve the home and they are easy to maintain.

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