Frameless Showers

A frameless shower can be differentiated from a traditional shower due to the fact that it is usually level with the bathroom floor and, as the name suggests, has no frame. What this means is that, unlike regular showers, a frameless shower has no built up area at the bottom or frame around the top and edges that accommodate the doors. Since there is no barrier that keeps the water from the shower from spilling over onto the floor of the bathroom, most frameless showers have a slightly sloping floor.  
There are many advantages to having a frameless shower installed in your bathroom as opposed to a traditional shower. For many people, the main advantage that a frameless shower has over its framed counterpart is its increased aesthetic appeal. These showers have smooth, clean lines and a modern and sleek finish which fits well into any type of bathroom. Another advantage is that frameless showers are highly customisable. It is easy for manufacturers to make doors and showers that fit any space and any design brief. Since it is only the glass doors and hinges that need to be changed, personalising you shower is very easy.  
Frameless showers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. There are hundreds of different options available which enable clients to fit a shower into their bathroom instead of assembling the bathroom around the shower. Since there are no frames and track, a frameless shower is easy to maintain and clean.  Frameless showers also allow light to pass freely into the shower, making your bathroom, a notoriously dark and dank room, look and feel lighter and brighter.  
Another advantage of a frameless shower is that it eliminates any safety hazards that normal showers pose. It is still possible to slip on the floor of the shower, but since the shower is level with the rest of the bathroom, there is no fear of tripping over the built-up area at the bottom of the shower. Like traditional shower doors, frameless doors can be customised with a wide range of finishes, designs and handles.

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