Types Of Showers

Taking a shower is a refreshing and much quicker alternative to soaking in the tub. Showers also save a lot water which is very important as the global community shifts towards methods that save water and energy resources. A shower is quite simply, bathing under a spray of water. There are many types of showers and they differ by function and design.

A few types of showers are listed here.

  • Public showers were a familiar tradition in ancient Greece and are now popular in sports facilities and boarding houses. Some public showers have curtains or partitions to allow for privacy.
  • The domestic shower has not changed much since the 19th century. There are two types of domestic showers namely the stall shower and the multifunctional shower-bathtub combo.
  • Steam showers are not very common. They are a novelty most people do not know about. A steam generator produces steam to spray around a person in the shower.
  • Vichy showers are popular in spas as part of a stress relief regime. A person lies in shallow pool of water and warm water is poured over them repeatedly.
  • A Graham shower is any makeshift shower that people would come up with in times of limited resources. An example of a Graham shower is under a rain-filled gutter.
  • Roman showers are designed in such a way that there is no need for a curtain or a door. Roman showers are ideal for en-suites in the home and honeymoon suite.
  • Electric showers are not favored because they use electricity to heat the shower water.
  • Scottish showers are designed to alternate hot and cold water during the shower. Some people believe alternating the water temperature is good for blood circulation.

Whatever a homeowner’s shower preference is, the homeowner must consider a few things before getting the shower. Showers are designed for different purposes and they must choose a suitable one for the home. Homeowners must visit a few home improvement stores to compare designs, functions and prices for domestic showers. They must invest in stylish and trendy shower accessories to complement their new shower design.

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