Your Guide To Choosing Paint Colours For Your Home

When comes to decorating any space the colour of the room plays a large part in its look and feel. Most of us know how it feels when we walk into a dark painted room compared to a light painted room. One of the golden rules about paint colours is that the size of the room also plays a large part in what paint colours to go for. However, choosing paint colours is much more involved. To help you decide on the right paint colours for your space, this guide will help you take the fear out of choosing paint colours for your home.

When you go shopping for paint colours you will be looking at more paint chips than you can count. When looking through paint chips for colours that catch your eye remember that the colour on the chip won’t look the same as on your wall. So when taking samples home with you take at least two or three and leave them on your wall for a few days and see how the colour changes. Doing it in this manner will also enable you to see what the colour looks like in different lights both during the day and at night.  You also want to look out for painting companies that sell paint chips using real paint rather than printed versions, as this will give you a more realistic idea of what the colour will look like.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your paint colours. Single coloured painted walls can look aesthetically pleasing on their own but there is so much more you can do incorporating different materials such as wall paper not to mention use different shapes and patterns. If you have some ideas then test them out on a section of your wall and see what transpires! This also includes being creative with the colour of your ceiling. While tradition has dictated that ceilings should be white this trend is changing to lighter shades of colour too.

If you want to be green and if you are not painting floors or bare then latex paint colours are a good choice compared to oil based paints. They are easier to clean up, dry quicker and don’t leave an odour. If you have tired, worn out looking furniture then update them using high gloss paint using different colours to add to the character of the room. Make sure you invest in good quality paint supplies rather than just going for the cheapest option, as you are more likely to achieve desired results with the right tools to hand. These conclude some key tips when choosing paint colours for your home.  Don’t be afraid to take some risks and above all, have fun being creative!

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