You Sleep On The Floor Tonight

So, I got horribly wasted recently and got home in the early hours of Saturday morning. I remember going into my lounge and then – nothing. I awoke Saturday afternoon and found that I had passed out – quite comfortably – on the new laminate floors I had recently had installed in my home.

I had heard of all the benefits that laminated floors provide and was happy to have reaped the benefits so well.  I woke up feeling surprisingly good despite the hangover that I was suffering from. I know that that would definitely not have been the case if I had passed outon a tiled floor!

Another major benefit that comes with laminated flooring is the fact that it is extremely easy to clean! I thanked my lucky stars for that when I was faced with the Saturday afternoon task of cleaning up… You see, it was true that they clean easy (I learned this because as I awoke, so did the nights alcohol consumption.) It was unbelievable just how easy it was to clean that up – look, it was gross, but the grossness was cleaned away with ease – I cannot imagine what that would have been like on the carpet I had before.

Within a few short minutes my lounge was back to looking (and smelling) respectable again! Let’s just say that I have learned about the benefits of laminate floors – they are comfortable as well as clean… Now that I’m fully recovered and my home is spotless,  it’s time for drinks. Cheers!

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