Cat Helping Out In Sweeping The Floor

My old carpets were completely destroyed by my cats and dogs… how, you may ask? Well, use your imagination and sense of smell for that answer. I love all my pets but I had to admit that they definitely had a negative effect on the oeverall décor and style of my house. My carpets were stained, smelly and in tatters.

Anyway, I decided it was time to get rid of those once white carpets and I was going to add something a bit more attractive to the mix. I decided on wooden flooring! And what a difference they made! I had no idea that simply replacing your carpets with wooden floors would make such a huge imapct on the overall look and feel of my home. My whole house feels a lot more spacious, chic and clean now that my wooden floors are fitted.

First of all they were easily installed, they looked good and they are damn easy to clean. The wooden floors are also extremely hard wearing. This means that my lovable pets will not be able to wreak havoc on my interior design anymore!

No more animal smells in my house… It is lovely actually. I was also inspired to redecorate a bit as well and bam! my house looks like a completely new house… it looks (and smells) like home.

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