Wooden Decks Price

Nothing has for free and of cause wooden deck making materials are no exception. Finding good wood, clips, screws and nails just to mention a few materials should cost quite a bit. That is why it is good to know that these Eco friendly wooden decking designs come with a 10 year guarantee.

You also need to be aware of quotes that seem too good to be true, so comparing quotes will be a great idea, clip decks require less screws and labour thus resulting in lower costs for material and labour because labour is charged per hour. Using fifty percent natural fibre and fifty percent PVC polymer offers decking material with inherent moisture repelling which eventually leads to lower maintenance costs, wooden decks should not be looked at by their purchase and labour price but also by the ongoing  maintenance prices that are involved. So purchasing materials based on the intention for long term lasting is essential.

The contractor chosen should have good knowledge on where to purchase the best materials for the best price, however it does not hurt if one does his/her own research of where to purchase for the best price. There are many timber companies in South Africa that supply the best wood, the contractor must be accurate as to how much wood is needed and buying in bulk does normally reduce the price however you do not want to buy too much and end up using a portion of that material purchased.

To get a quote you normally have to fill in your details on the websites in which somebody should call you back and provide the quote for you. To provide an average cost to deck your surface area you are looking at R77 per square meter this price is just for the materials not the labour. So once you receive a quote that is far lower than that you are probably receiving something that is too good to be true, and if you receive a quote much higher than that price you being overcharged.  Read more: www.morecover.co.za

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