Shower Caulking Is Cool

There are very few jobs in the bathroom that can be safely attempted by the handy home maker without risking a hugely expensive bill. Shower caulking is one such task. The sheer simplicity of shower caulking is what makes it so attractive to anyone with a desire to feel a bit handy around the home.
It is really straight forward, and unlike most handy tasks, the instructions you receive at the hardware store are exactly right and you would struggle to go wrong. One of the joys of shower caulking is that it looks so good once it is complete, and even a rank amateur can give his work that professional touch.  

Shower caulking is necessary to keep your shower unit completely closed and prevent the water from running out of your shower and collecting under the cubicle, so it is not as if shower caulking is some meaningless job, just there to make you feel handy, it really is important and if it is not done can lead to serious structural problems later on.
The problem comes in when the home maker spots some moisture in the shower and decides that the shower caulking needs a bit of work. What is actually happening is that a pipe is leaking under the shower and the water is seeping into the shower, by caulking over this you are causing a bigger problem. The leak will build up and the water will start to penetrate the concrete and weaken the entire structure.
By the time anyone realises that something is amiss, the amount of water damage that has occurred behind the shower caulking could be quite severe. This should serve as a warning to those people who enjoying tinkering with things around the house, especially when they are attempting to do any kind of plumbing work. Those people who are not qualified or trained in a certain field should always seek a second opinion before starting any DIY project, even one as simple as shower caulking, because it is so easy for things to go wrong and for the bills to start mounting up.

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