Traffic Protection Purpose

We spend the majority of our time on our roads. So much so that there seems to be a need by most drivers to try and find viable alternatives to avert some of the problems that arise from travelling on the roads. The density of traffic volumes have left officials in search of viable solutions.

In the mid 2000’s there seemed to have been a sudden surge in vehicle volumes, due in part to impossibly low interest rates at the time, more people were acquiring vehicles than any other time in South Africa’s history. This of course led to a surge in accidents as well as the need for further road construction.

Today we not only do we enjoy the joy of having pleasant and well-constructed roadways on which to drive (particularly in South Africa’s urban areas), but we also have the option of enjoying some of the developments that have emerged in our public transport sector such as the wonderful and convenient Gautrain in Western Cape, and the various bus operators that make public transport a viable option to road users in order to avoid some of the pitfalls, both environmentally, in terms of time-saving as well as safety.

However, for those who still make use of private transport and drive to and from work or whichever destination they are headed, the roads can still present itself as somewhat of a hazard. Therefore, very specific measures need to be put in place to ensure the safety of road users and those who are involved in the construction of our roads in order to make them better.

A traffic control plan is essential as it will ensure that there is a singular, steady and relatively easy flow of traffic, while contractors are able to work effectively on reconstructing their roads.
The plan must employ strategies that are in keeping with guidelines from the Department of Transportation, and it must include everything from clothing to important road safety equipment. Each traffic protection plan must be developed according to the stage of construction that is currently in place and it requires a lot of expertise and skill to implement.

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