The Classic Beauty Of Shutters

One cannot look at a set of really well made and well looked after shutters without feeling a warm glow inside. Shutters have a kind of old world elegance that transcends all time and fashion. Even though shutters predate most window adornments, including windows themselves, we never tire of looking at them or enjoying the effect that shutters give an otherwise ordinary home.  

Shutters make one think of Swiss chalets and country manors. There is nothing tacky about shutters, even when people try and make them as cheap and cheerful as possible by painting the shutters all manner of gaudy and unpleasant colours. Somehow shutter manages to withstand this vicious assault of tack with grace and style. When you see a doll like house adorned with brightly coloured shutters, your senses do not scream out, demanding that the offensive shutters be burned, instead you have to fight back the urge to say: “cute”.  

That is the real beauty of shutters. Shutters are not always the stuff that fairy tale homes are made of in term of being that finishing touch that completes a lovely home and gives that that picture postcard look. Shutters also have very negative image projections. There are few things that can make a home or house look as eerie as a partly broken pair of shutters especially if one of them is hanging on by one broken hinge and they are creaking in the wind. Shutters have formed part of nearly very great horror movie that has ever been made.  

This is what makes shutter such an important part of building history, the fact that a simple pair of shutters can either create a lovely homely ambience or they can turn a reasonably shabby house in to the stuff that nightmares are made of .there are not many other home adornments that could claim to have the same decorative power as a set of shutters. Shutters will be around for a long time to come and may they always maintain the sense of charming elegance which they exude today and may people learn not to paint them red.

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