Aluminum Gutters

The most commonly found gutters around at the moment are made of aluminium.  They are a very popular choice due to their sturdiness and longevity and their resistance to rust.  They are able to contain more water than other guttering.

The quality of aluminium gutters depend largely on the thickness of the product, as well as the grade of aluminium.  In order to choose gutters that will last a long time, a good grade and the thickest are the most reliable.  IF the gutters are too thin, they are vulnerable to bumps and dents.   A good thickness is important, especially where there are extremes of weather.  Continuous hot sun or long icy spells can sometimes warp or distort the aluminium guttering if it is too thin.  The thicker the gutters, the more they cost, but in some cases the cost of the thickness can be offset against painting the gutters. Aluminium is usually fine to remain unpainted as long as they are galvanized and are not located in coastal sea air.

Aluminium gutters are typically sold in two sizes, and most homes use the smaller size.  The larger one can deal with more volume so having these in areas with heavy rainfall is recommended. The thick aluminium gutters do require some pre-panning before installation as the gutter boards which hold the gutters in place must be the correct size and shape.  It is the norm to install smaller fascia‚Äôs which are not really appropriate for holding a wider than standard gutter, and checks must be made on this before a wide aluminium gutter is purchased.

The appearance of aluminium gutters can vary in colour, texture and finish.  They can be made to stand out as s feature, or can be painted or decorated to blend into the surrounds and overall look and feel of the building.  They can also be finished in enamel or painted in any colour, and they can even be covered with vinyl.   

Before any gutters are purchased or installed, it is necessary to consult with a professional gutter supplier and installations specialist in order to find the most suitable solution for the home.

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