Choosing The Ideal Wall Tiles

Tiles are a great way to renovate the home and give it a fresh new look. Wall tiles in particular add an extra shine to walls anywhere around the home but most commonly in the kitchen and bathroom. Porcelain ceramic wall tiles have an extremely low water retention rate and they are ideal for rooms that are exposed to a lot of humidity and moisture.

Homeowners love wall tiles for their versatile styles, designs and materials. This means homeowners are always spoilt for choice and are guaranteed to find the perfect wall tile for their individual taste. The best wall tiles are not necessarily the most expensive; they are the tiles that best suit the décor theme in the room they are fitted. The perfect wall tiles are affordable and within the homeowner’s budget. Some types of wall tiles are listed below.
Vinyl wall tiles

These tiles are produced from synthetic materials. They are cheaper than most other tiles and are easy to manipulate. Vinyl tiles that are not installed properly may form bubbles and start to peel.

Mosaic wall tiles

These tiles are made from a variety of clay types that have different colours because of the pigments they contain. These tiles are a popular choice for suburban homeowners. Even if the tile is chipped it retains its tone of colour because the clay is pigmented so the colour runs through the tile.

Marble wall tiles

Many people are under the impression that marble is expensive and hence, it is reserved for the wealthy and elite. The truth is that though marble is costly, it is still possible to find unbelievable deals on marble wall tiles. They are a fine choice for tiles because they are elegant, stylish and durable. Marble is dense and does not retain water and therefore, they are not prone to irritants that induce allergies.  

Glass wall tiles

Glass wall tiles are available in many different shapes, sizes and colour. They also come in different types of glass such as clear glass and coloured glass. Glass tiles are quite simply glass that has been shaped like a tile.

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