Stylish Types Of Shower Doors

A bathroom in modern days is almost not complete without a shower; and hence, a shower door. A good looking shower door that fits well is hard, but not impossible to find. The trick is to look for a shower door stylish enough to go well with all other contents of the bathroom while still being practical.

A bi-fold shower door is one that has the ability to fold into two parts when opening. It is also sometimes referred to as an in-fold door. This kind of shower door has the benefit of saving space as the door does not open into any room; instead, it slides along its pathway and then folds over to create space or an opening. There are also multi-fold shower doors which fold over into more than two parts.

An in-swing shower door is one that swings into the shower room. This allows for a greater opening as there are no parts of the door taking up space along the frame. However, the fact that the door swings inwards may come as a problem as it may cause movement restriction for the person inside the shower room and it is even worse when the shower is not very big and a person barges into the shower room without announcing.

The sliding shower door is probably the most stylish of all shower doors. The structuring itself is pretty simply yet it is also elegant. Sliding doors obviously have to be made from glass because a rigid structure needs to be maintained in order for the sliding mechanism to work.
Essentially, all shower doors, except those that have hinges, use some kind of sliding mechanism. However, a sliding shower door will be identified by the door not losing its original shape as it slides along the frame/track.

The kind of door the shower door is does not count as the only thing that defines whether or not a door is stylish. The look, too, counts. A good-looking plastic curtain can be hung over the shower door. Alternatively, frosting can be done on the glass (if the door is made of glass) for a more simple and easy to maintain, yet trendy look.

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