The Frameless VS Framed Shower Doors

Shower doors have changed with the times and so has their design. The frameless shower doors have gained popularity as these frameless showers give the appearance of a larger space because of all the clear glass. The framed shower door have been around for a lot longer and are still opted for because of their lower cost. When you are choosing between the framed and frameless showers your choice will be based on your budget and your lifestyle.
The framed shower doors hold the panel of glass inside a metal frame and are used for both shower and tub enclosures. There are now a wider variety of the framed doors for a customer to choose from. There are more colours for the metal trim and more glass finishes. Framed and sliding glass doors that overlap are ideal if the door is close to the showerhead. A framed shower can be placed at any angle.
The frameless shower doors have no frame and are thick pieces of glass. There are heavy-duty hinges that support the glass doors and placed at the head and at the base of the door. There is ΒΌ inch gap around the frameless shower door means that water will splash out if the shower head is to close to the door. The frameless shower is set at the door rests at 180, 135 and 90 degrees to the hinge section.
The frameless shower doors costs almost twice as much as the framed doors.
The new options of the framed doors make them just as nice and pleasing to the eye as the frameless shower door.
Frameless shower doors offer the open look. If you have the clearance for a frameless shower they can make a small bathroom a lot larger. A large bathroom will look a lot more elegant and grander. They can transform the space into a visually appealing area.
A disadvantage of both frameless and the framed are that the glass can be hard to keep clean. The frameless shower has a lot more glass to clean.
The framed and the frameless shower can be both beautiful and can transform a space. It will be your decision, which way you would like to go with the showers.

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