Skylights in Cape Town

Skylights are actually windows on the roof. They are instrumental in the practice of daylight harvesting which saves a lot of money because it cuts down the cost of electricity. Skylights allow natural light to pass through during the day and night. They come in elaborate styles such as roof lanterns which makes renovating the house by adding skylights is an increasingly popular exercise in Cape Town.  

Window contractors are getting more orders for the installation of skylights in many homes around the city. And, with all the construction and development going on in Cape Town, skylights are even preferred for residential housing projects in the business district. Skylights are blended into modern and functional décor styles that maximise the use of space and incorporate environmentally friendly living. They are also attractive with impressive decorative qualities.  

The city of Cape Town has been embroiled in scandal and drama arising from serious billing problems and the general high cost of electrical energy. Skylights help alleviate such problems because people spend less money on lighting which drastically reduces the utility bill. In commercial and industrial enterprises, skylights can help reduce electricity cost by almost 80 per cent and this is much appreciated.  

Skylight shades can be employed to reduce the amount of light that enters the room. Skylight shades can be adjusted by remote control or manually. In winter, skylights minimise the amount of heat lost through the window and in summer they keep the interior of the home cool.

There are many types of skylights for homeowners to choose from and Jo’burgers never fail to display their adventurous sense of style. Fixed skylights are designed never to open and they are installed solely to let light shine through. Ventilating skylights employ different mechanisms to open and close. They function electronically, using a motor, by remote control or manually. Tubular skylights are great for closets and hallways because they are small and most of them are fixed. Roof lanterns are the most expensive types of skylight. They require more materials and professional contractors to install.

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