Painting The Exterior Of The House Made Easy

Unlike the interior of the house, painting the exterior is a big undertaking and the sooner the job is finished the better. No one wants an unsightly, incomplete painting job that takes weeks to conclude. Painting the exterior of the house is indeed a lot of work but it is not complicated; this is why it can be a great DIY activity. They must look for easy DIY instruction and helpful tips.
Before even choosing the paint, the homeowner must walk around the house looking for which side gets the most exposure to the sun, spots with rust, mildew, rotting wood, gutters and more so that the painter can discuss suitable and affordable paints with a reliable supplier. Then, whilst at the supplier, acquire the necessary work supplies and ask the supplier for more advice on how to get the painting job done right.

Power washing is very affordable and it is highly recommended before painting the exterior of the house. Power washing removes the top layer of dirt, dust and other unwanted particles that could jeopardise the success of the project. For stubborn spots, some hand-washing might be necessary. The results of dampness such as moss must be scraped away and rust must be sanded and treated before coating with paint, it the rusted surface cannot be revitalised, it must be replaced. Wood and rusted metal must be treated with primer. If painter will add more than one coat of paint, it is important to let the paint dry fully between coats. This helps the paint penetrate better.

Wooden trim and metal must be painted with a glossy finish for an exciting and lively look. Wooden doors must be sanded before applying glossy finish or paint. Painting the exterior of the house can be done effectively by hand but it can be done much quicker using an airless paint sprayer. Paint sprayers lay a thicker and more even coat of paint and they are inexpensive to rent from many pint suppliers. Two coats of paint with a paint sprayer will transform the house and bring out its best features.

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