Save Money With Ceiling Insulation

With economic climate the way it is in South Africa, more and more people are pro-actively looking for practical ways to save money. People are shopping smarter, spending less on luxuries and slowly getting the hang of saving. Ceiling insulation is a fine example of how homeowners can rake in the savings by spending less on electric powered heating appliances and the electricity bill.  

Ceiling insulation is achieved by many methods, most of which are environmentally friendly. Isotherm is made from recycled plastic and can also be recycled further. Isotherm is a pleasant material that can be handled with no protective clothing. There are many types of insulating materials but isotherm is favoured because it can cut down winter heating costs by more than a third. Isotherm is versatile because it also has summer benefits; it cools the home drastically in summer. It is natural means of temperature control.

Recycled paper is another excellent way to insulate the home and it works effectively when installed in the space between the ceiling and the roof. Cellulose is sometimes included with paper to produce this eco-insulating material. Eco-insulation is a tried and trusted method of insulation that also gives the homeowners access to massive savings on the utility bill. It can also be installed by experienced professionals in office and industrial buildings.

Most ceiling insulation materials are treated with fire and heat resistant chemicals. Reputable insulation products are awarded an S.A.B.S. stamp of approval. The South African Bureau of Services confirms that those materials do not burn, smoulder or catalyse the spread of fire.  

Environmentally friendly ceiling insulation methods are non-toxic and handling them will not trigger allergic reactions as is associated with fiberglass and asbestos. Though the eco-insulation material is not doused with any rodent and insect repellent, it is unattractive to pests because it sticks to fur and wings. Ceiling insulation is inexpensive and reliable. It does not come with a lot of maintenance issues. Homeowners will not only feel the difference in the home, they will see it in their electricity bill.

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