Plumbing Maintenance For Your House

Many people dream of owning a house one day but keep in mind that a house needs constant maintenance. A neglected house will not fetch the estimated sales price the day you want to sell it, and a house is an asset and has to increase in value.
There are many aspects of a house that needs to be maintained, for instance, it must be painted every five to ten years, doors and windows need to be checked, and the plumbing requires maintenance.  
Check the plumbing of your house in this way: keep an eye on all exposed pipes and the places where they exit the walls, if you see any leaks, act upon it. If you see any corroded pipes, check those as well as that can also be the sign of a leak.  
Test the pressure of the water that comes out of taps and showerheads, if the pressure is low, it might be a sign of sediment building up in that tap or showerhead. Drains should be free flowing, if not the drain might be blocked.  

Have a good look at the toilet, check the cistern for rust, and secure the handle if it appears to be loose. Any water around the bottom of the toilet is an indication of a leak and should be attended to without fail. Sit on the toilet or rock it back and forth to make sure it is securely attached to the floor. Also, check the tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen, a hollow sounding tile can be the result of a previous water leak.

Treat mildew on a regular basis, open windows after taking a bath or shower and wipe the area dry. If not, the situation will deteriorate and will be onerous to solve later. A leaking tap needs to get a new washer; otherwise, a lot of water will be wasted unnecessarily.  

Be on the lookout for faulty washing machine connections and repair those as soon as possible. Do not wait until a plumbing problem is a crisis, repair, and maintain your house on a regular basis.

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