Renting Party Equipment VS Hiring Party Equipment

So, off you go to purchase that photo booth, buy a dozen bean bags and of course, spend your last dime on a juke box. All of this for an event that will last one magical evening… and magically make your bank account fade into the deep, dark abyss of nothingness. Seriously folks, why buy when you can rent? You’re not exactly going to display a dozen bean bags in your living room or actually use the juke box that will be parked off in your garage for years to come…

Hiring is the only way to go if you ask me. It is cheaper, more efficient and let’s be fair, there is less chance of you mucking it all up when you leave it in the capable hands of the professionals. I speak from experience, I planned an awesome beach themed event and decided it a good idea to purchase a blow up palm tree’s… let’s just say that I received a shrub. A shrub! So my beach themed event became a swamp themed event… let’s just say that the vibe I envisioned was completely delusional once said blow up shrubs decorated my home. I spent a lot of money on purchasing these items and if I had simply rented from a professional business (who probably would have helped me set up) I would have been able to have experienced an exciting night, one without locking myself in and crying loudly and embarrassingly in the bathroom.

Barring props for rental, who wants to go buy 300 miserable and costly chairs to place in your event, new crockery and cutlery (fit to theme) and a giant deck to secure your outside guests from a hazardous thunder storm?  Let’s use some logic here. Banqueting chairs for hire will help ease your mind (and your wallet) and you have a choice of chairs to actually pick from as opposed to going out and spending your last dime on ugly green plastic chairs that you will keep forever, stacked in your basement. And to avoid guests drowning in the rain or sweltering in the sun, party marquee hire is a bonus and will add to the safety of your event… and make it seem that much classier and thought through.

So, if you ask me, I think it’s pretty simple. Renting props and key items for an event is way easier than having to end up storing ridiculously expensive items in your already stacked to the brim garage. Unless, of course, you’ve always wanted to display a juke-box in your lounge.

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