Pavers Seven Advantages

Paving stones and slabs are fast becoming the most widely used method of paving all over the world.  Paving stones or slabs can consist of man-made materials such as cement and bricks, or items which are found in nature such as cobbles, river stones, limestone, marble or slate.  The natural materials are usually harvested in quarries or gathered from natural areas in which that paving type is abundant.

There are a lot of advantages to using pavers:

1.  Style and availability:  There is such a wide array of styles, shapes, colours, textures and material available that any type of interior or exterior can be enhanced or echoed through the type of paver used.  Pavers are very versatile and allow a lot of freedom when it comes to aesthetic and functional value.

2. Lots of design options:  There really is very little that one cannot do with pavers in terms of the style or design required for a particular space.  Ideas on patterns and materials for pavers and paving stones are available freely on the web and from the local paving supplier, and paving consultants are also available for advise and expertise.

3. Maintenance:  generally pavers do not require much maintenance other than a good rinse with a high pressure hosepipe or a coat of sealant every couple of years.  Different types of pavers will require different maintenance methods, but in general they are all very simple and cheap in the long term, and pavers will last fifty years or more if looked after.

4. Resilience and stability:  Concrete pavers do not get damaged or cracked as it moves together with the surface below them.  It is must stronger than cement pathways which are poured and is very resilient to weather conditions of all climates.  It is also very sturdy and can carry a lot of weight, and can be used in areas with a lot of traffic.

5. Safety:  pavers can be finished in non-slip paver coatings to prevent slipping accidents

6. Colour:  a wide choice of colours is available, and made to enhance any environment.  They can be made to stand out or blend into the surrounding areas, and can serve as a focal point with the correct use of colour and light.

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