Guidelines For Shower Caulking

When you have tiles in the shower the chances are that at some point the shower caulking will have to be done again. Shower caulking is used between tiles so that the gaps are sealed and moisture is then prevented from going behind and in between the tiles. If shower caulking is done right it is not only useful but also gorgeous.

When you do your shower caulking again you will first need to remove all the old caulking. You remove old and hard caulking with a pair of pliers. A hair dryer can make the old shower caulking softer so it’s easier to remove. If the old caulking is softer you can use a razor blade to cut the old shower caulk and then using a putty knife you can pry it out.

Before you can apply the new shower caulking, you need to use a gentle detergent, water and a supple bristle brush so that you can clean away soap scum and mildew. Once it has dried you can use an alcohol based product to remove any caulking that may have remained then wipe it dry.

Once you are satisfied that all the old shower caulking has been removed, make a mixture of warm water and bleach in a spray bottle and then spray along the seam line. The wipe the area with a damp towel. Once the area is dry you are prepared to start applying your new shower caulking.

You need to wear protective gloves and eyewear and make sure that the area has good air circulation There are many types of caulking so you need to make sure you pick the one that can be used in the shower. You need to make sure it can be used in the bathroom and that it is mildew resistant. You can caulk with a caulking gun or you can try a squeeze tube of caulk.

That is it; you will now have new shower caulking. That will now protect the tiles from moisture.

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