Comparing Underfloor Heating Quotes

The initial cost of installing underfloor heating solutions is quite high and they do have an unpleasant influence on the electricity bill. However, when homeowners weigh the pros and cons of floor heating, they realise that it is a worthwhile investment.

Underfloor heating is an excellent way that home-owners can provide thermal comfort for the family. It also helps minimise the effects of poor waterproofing and excessive moisture. In this way, underfloor heating protects the family’s health by killing off the bacteria and other undesirables that populate damp spots. Home-owners must consider a few things when comparing quotes for floor heating solutions.

  • Installing floor heating is no easy task and it is important to seek a contractor that has experience in such domestic problems and preferably has contactable references. This is not suitable for DIY novices. Homeowners must be comfortable and ask as many questions as possible about the heating system, installation, maintenance and other relevant issues.
  • Regardless of the costs of the floor heating system and the installation, people need to factor in the effect that underfloor heating will have on the electricity bill.
  • Only quality products must be employed when a floor heating solution is installed. Reputable manufactures pride themselves on superior quality products that have been awarded an SABS stamp of approval.
  • Homeowners must consider the rooms in which they intend to install the floor heater. Floor heating is preferred for the lounge, dining room and other large rooms. Though one cannot deny the pleasure and luxury of stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor.
  • The type of floor under which a heating system is installed must be resistant to the effects of heat. Installing a heater under a vinyl tile floor may not be the best idea. Floors made from concrete need to allow for shrinkage and expansion.
  • Homeowners are urged to consult the same contractor that fitted the heater in case of any malfunction. The best time to seek help for faulty floor heaters is as soon as the problem is noticed.
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