Perfect Materials For Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchen surfaces are very busy surfaces and people are advised to invest in a kitchen counter top that is made of strong and durable material that does not demand too much in the way of maintenance. There are lot of materials to choose from for a functional yet stylish kitchen counter top that will bring out the best in the kitchen d├ęcor. Homeowners can select one material for all the surfaces in the kitchen or they can turn on their sense of adventure and try multiple textures in different colours.
Marble and granite are very expensive and in most homes, only a section of the kitchen surface will be dressed in these materials. Marble is known for its long lasting beauty and the same goes for granite which has been prominent in historic architecture in Egypt, India and Rome. The stone can be polished to perfection and will retain its glow for a long time. Marble and granite kitchen counter tops are preferred because they are extremely resistant to heat and do not get damaged if a hot pot is placed on the surface. Keeping kitchen surfaces clean is very important because food is kept and prepared in the kitchen and cleanliness helps keep illnesses at bay. Marble and granite are really easy to clean and they are also resistant to stains.  

Engineered stone kitchen counter tops are made from a man-made variation of stone. Its qualities are almost similar to those of marble and granite. Engineered stone gives the homeowner even more options for colours. Interior designers favour engineered stone because it is easy to mix and match with other interesting colour trends in the kitchen. Engineered stone costs as much as marble and granite but it is an excellent choice.
For people that do not want to make drastic changes and spend a lot of money, ceramic tiles are the best. They are cheap, easy to manage though they are so light. Ceramic tiles may crack after a while but it is very easy to replace a broken tile. Homeowners must take their time and find a durable and affordable counter top.

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