Plans For Building a House

When a good site or plot has been purchased and the decision has been made to build on that land, then the first step is to draw up the plans for the particular building.  There are so many different types and styles of houses and there are so many factors to consider, and the planning is the most important part of it all.  In some cases it is even necessary to plan for the house plans!
The first issues to consider are the intended purposes of the building and the size and lay of the land.  If the building is to function as a family home, then there are more factors to consider when drawing up the plans, such as the number of inhabitants.

This will determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms are required, and will have a great impact on elements such as the plumbing, building materials and electrics.  Other considerations are the budget and materials to be used.  Plans ensure that suitable materials are selected and that the house is built within budget.

Plans can be drawn up by the house builder, house owner, contractor or architect.  In some cases there are sample plans or templates available for purchase, and these can even be downloaded free from the internet.  It is possible to take a sample plan and alter it to suit the requirements of the building.  Amateurs can draw up their own plans, but in order to ensure that they are accurate, within scale, and can be built within the available budget and with the materials specified, it is essential that a professional house planner or architect have a look at the plans first.

Once the plans have been drawn up it then as to be approved by the local council to ensure that all building regulations have been taken into consideration and that the type of building conforms to the guidelines as set out by the municipal council in that particular area.  They will also check that the plans are workable and that they apply to the particular land that will be built on.

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