Pavers For Driveways, Walkways And Patios

Archaeologists made an interesting discovery in Egypt in 1994. They found the oldest paved road which was built about 5000 years ago for the transportation of building materials during the construction of the pyramids. It is about two meters wide and 12 km long. Wood, sandstone and limestone were employed in making this road and it just goes to show how durable paving really is.

Pavers are interlocking pieces of concrete commonly used in outdoor landscaping and renovating projects. They were developed in Europe and have spread throughout the world. They give driveways and walkways a fantastic and exciting fresh look that is not only affordable but will remain stylish for a very long time. Paving the home using pavers is a great investment towards increasing the value of the property. It is also ideal for swimming pools, pool decks, entertainment areas, patios and even commercial enterprises like airports and ship docks.  
Pavers are usually made from concrete which is often mixed with other strong and durable materials. Pavers are very affordable because they are mass produced from cheap yet sturdy materials. Homeowners must compare a few quotes from reliable building and home improvement product suppliers to find the best deals. Installing pavers is an excellent DIY home d├ęcor idea because it is easy and does not take a lot of time.  

A compacted base made of stone is laid and then the pavers are locked into place above it. Sand is used to keep the pavers interlocked. Sometimes grout is poured along the joints, as is usually done with tiles, to allow sand to filter through. Special vibrating machines are used for compacting the paving. A shear cutter is instrumental in cutting those irregular pieces that fit at the corners and the edges. Pavers are not vulnerable and will remain attractive. Pavers form a strong and protective top layers that can handle the weight of heavy vehicles and high volumes of foot traffic yet, brick paving is quite flexible. It works as a pressure absorber against minor earthquakes and tremors, freezing and thawing and ground erosion.  

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