Installing Roof Skylights

Many people believe that skylights are an expensive luxury preferred by wealthy homeowners. The truth is; skylights are not as extravagant as they are made out to be. They do cost more than regular windows but that is largely due to the labour involved and not necessarily the materials. If anything, skylights save energy which in turn saves the homeowner a lot of money on the utility bill. It’s a wonder skylights are not a standard feature in buildings, for all their money-saving qualities.  

Skylights are essentially windows on the roof. They allow for the maximum entry of sunlight. This is called daylight harvesting. Some creative designers consider the position of the house in relation to the sun and they may recommend skylights to be installed in the uppermost sections of the wall. A skylight is really an opening that runs through the ceiling and the roof where a glazed window is fitted. Skylights can be fixed so that they remain shut with no option of opening or they can be vented which means they are capable of opening and closing.  

Fixed skylights are not prone to leaks because they are sealed. They are not vulnerable to mechanical failure that comes with regular opening and closing. Vented skylights can open manually and sometimes they are remote controlled. Vented skylights that are left open when it starts to rain can lead to water damage in the house. To counter that, some skylight manufacturers have developed skylights that are able to detect rain and the window reacts by automatically closing itself.  

A carpenter, window or general contractor can effectively manage the installation of skylights. Most contractors have long-standing relationships with material and product suppliers and they are in an excellent position to negotiate for discounts on purchases. The contractor chosen for this project must have prior experience and be familiar with skylight framing and drywalling. Homeowners can also adopt a Do-It-Yourself approach if they are not intimidated by heights, carpentry, roofing, window installation, drywalling and electrical connections. Uncertain people are advised to pass the buck on this one.

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