Curtains For Privacy And Shade

A curtain is essentially a piece of cloth that is hung over a window to block light from entering the room. It is also useful in obscuring an eager breeze. Shower curtains are found in many showers and they keep water inside the shower space. The curtains are hung on the side of the window that is inside the building. In the United States, curtains are known as draperies. They are an excellent way to ensure privacy inside the home.
Curtains are made of many different kinds of fabric and they vary in terms of fire resistance, ultraviolet light deterioration and dust retention. Curtains must be washed regularly with gentle cleaning agents to increase their life span. The most common style of curtains is hooked onto sockets on a unit that is mounted on the building. This makes it easy to open and close the curtains in order to control the amount of light that flows into the room. It is also possible to move curtains by hand and keep them in place using clip-on pins. The latest types of curtains can be moved by a remote control device. The type of curtain that will best suit a room may be determined by the size of the room and the style and décor of home.  
Blinds are a variation of curtains that is very popular in many eastern countries such as China and Japan. Blinds are also popular is city buildings where owners and tenants do not want to deal with the hassle of keeping curtains clean and also want a form of window treatment that will compliment most modern styles of décor.
Interior decorators can be consulted for ideas on curtains or the homeowner can employ a DIY approach, selecting and hanging the curtain themselves. An important thing to remember when hanging curtains is that it is recommended that there another much lighter fabric such as lace, is hung underneath the curtain to allow increased control about amount of light that comes in and also minimize UV damage on the curtains.

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