King’s Good Life Raises Anger

Parliamentarians have been severely angered lately after receiving the royal family of Kwazlulu-Natal’s financial report last week. The royal family’s extravagant living has angered members of the parliament. The department that is in charge of taking care of King Goodwill Zwelithini’s affairs was put in the limelight for unprecedented overspending of 6million rand as well as an overdraft of 1omillion Rand. The royal family has an annual budget of R55million, which they have evidently overspent.

Below is list of expenditure.

  • R600 000 grocery bill
  • R26 000 spent on livestock (vaccinations, food supplements)
  • R6million on travel (only 17 000 on international travel)
  • R21million on goods and services (R1.6million on food and food supplies, R1million on oil, gas and fuel)
  • R3.6million was spent on consultants, contractors and outsourced services (R1.7million on business and advisory services, R1.1 spent on contractors)
  • R500 000 was spent on the printing and stationary needs of the King
  • R2million was spent on Adult Services?

It is said that the palaces of the king and his Queens (however many they may be) are in ruins and in a disgraceful state and yet only R764 000 was spent on the infrastructure and planning of these buildings and yet he can spent 2million Rand on Adult services. Even his servants and workers salaries were more than that and they make up the biggest total of R21million, the payroll of his servants skyrocketed at R18million.

Government parties are saying that this King no longer adds value to the monarchy and instead just sits and rakes in the tax payer’s money and spends it. It is of meaning that this King and his Queens have absolutely no value for money and instead fixing and changing the right things they will rather spend money on travel and adult entertainment. It looks as if King Goodwill Zwelithini is taking is Royalty status to far back almost so that he has reached the medieval times where tax payers money went to the king for his pleasure.





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