How To Decorate Your House With Blinds


Decorating or re-decorating your home is always fun but a complete overhaul may be hard on your wallet. Making small subtle changes is not only practical it will ease the burden on your wallet. The best place to start decorating your home is the windows. Try adding blinds instead of the conventional curtains you will notice an immediate improvement and in some cases a small change such as replacing curtains with blinds is all you need to give a living room or bedroom that dramatic effect.

The fantastic aspect when using blinds in your home decor is that you are able to achieve so much with it giving your home a modern look and feel or even give it that rustic look. Blinds may be used to put emphasis on a window or door making it the focal point of the room. You may even consider hanging a natural wood or bamboo blinds on the wall as a decoration or a backdrop for a painting. It all depends on the type, colour and texture of the blinds that you use and there are so many types of blinds to choose form:

  • Roller Blinds – Completely customizable roller blinds are available in many different colours and designs and also allows you to have a digital photo or picture printed upon it this will help give the room a personal touch. Roller blinds may be fitted with pulls and poles available in different finishes such as brass, gold and wood.
  • Roman Blinds – These blinds are neat and tidy and fold into pleats when rolled. Available in different colours roman blinds tend to give a more modern feel.
  • Venetian Blinds – Traditional venetian blind are made from vinyl or metal however wooden or plastic are also available. Venetian blinds consist of long thin horizontal plates. When pulled apart they let light in (depending on how much light you want to enter the room) and when pulled together it covers the window.
  • Honeycomb Blinds – Consisting of individual cells that are combined, honeycomb blinds provide a lighter appearance. Available in different colours styles and fabrics honeycomb blinds are ideal for capturing a magical atmosphere due to the open spaces in the cells and the type of fabric that is used  the sunlight  light that filters through appears subtle.
  • Panel Blinds – Ideal for large windows. You are able to determine the amount of panels that each blind has. Because of its neat fitted look panel blinds are in a way very similar to conventional curtains with the exception that you are able to alternate panels of the blinds to create interesting patterns.

Before installing blinds in your home you must consider the proportions of the windows or doors that the blinds will be fitted to, the ultimate feel and layout of the room i.e. the furniture and the way they are arranged as well as the colour theme and most important the degree of privacy you will require.

It is clear that when decorating your home with blinds you will indeed be spoiled for choice.

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