How Not To Paint Your House

A fine example of how not to paint your house, not having the right tools and equipment could end up in a little bit of a mess.
Rather leave it up to the professionals to handle, where you know the job will get done the right way…

One of the most important aspects of any paint project is the pre-preparation, this is extremely important because it will avoid unnecessary stress during the painting process. Remove all your art work and if possible even furniture from the room, if you can’t move all the furniture then at lest move it to the centre of the room so you don’t mess on it. Use masking tape and tape of all the areas that you do not want paint on. One of the best things you could ever use is called a drop cloth and all professional painters use it to protect floors. It may seem like extra work but removing light switch covers and curtain rods will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Another really great idea is getting all you need for the entire paint project in the room with you, you can even create a small section where you keep everything for the duration of the project such as screwdrivers, art knives, masking tape, paint brushes, wiping cloths, rollers, paint trays, ladders and so on. That way you won’t have to risk messing paint everywhere every time you remember to go and get something in another room.

Make sure that you do all the relevant measurements of the room before you buy the paint, that way you will be sure to get just the right amount that you need. Investigate the lates in rollers and brushes, some companies make special versions of each that may make your job even easier.

Always ensure that the walls have been thoroughly sanded from the previous paint that was on there so that there is no oil or residue that will affect the new paints adhesion.  Always ensure that you have adequate ventilation, this is not only a good idea for your health but will also help to dry the paint, having said that don’t assume that the walls are completely dry just because they may be touch dry, rather wait a day before returning everything to normal.

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