9 Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t you just hate mistakes, especially those costly ones? Let’s take a look at the biggest kitchen design mistakes to ensure to avoid them all in future.

1. One of the biggest kitchen design mistakes people have made in the past was to over customize their kitchen designs to such an extent where it was completely inflexible, and made the repairs and maintenance of over-specialized features almost an impossible task.

2. Stay well clear of exceeding your budget. Always include small little unforeseen extra expenses, and price increases.

3. Once you have successfully designed your kitchen and started renovating you cannot ever change the design/plan at all once begun unless you have a lot of money to waste.

4. Cheap is not always better, and if you opt for a builder who is not specialized in the field, then you have to brace yourself for disaster, extra unforeseen expenses and getting exactly what you paid for. Rather use a professional contractor who specializes in kitchens and reap the rewards for ever after.

5. Never pay the building contractor in full in advance. The total calculated building costs should be determined and agreed upon before any renovations take place, and only up to half of the costs is payable before and the balance only once the job is complete.

6. Ensure that you receive and sign a document from the building contractor before starting the renovations which stipulate that you are not liable for any factory flawed materials or incorrect measurements taken.

7. Do not hand your entire kitchen design over to a designer. You will land up with a kitchen according to the designers tastes instead of your own unique taste. Would you want a kitchen that makes you happy or the designer?

8. Don’t do it all alone. Take the time to ask your family and friends what they think, and things they have experienced when they renovated their kitchens. Be open to valuable advice from someone who has renovated their kitchens before.

9. Your kitchen renovation should never cost more than twenty % of your property’s market value.

Now that you know the biggest kitchen design disasters, you should trust a reputable company to take care of your kitchen.

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