Find Out Why Window Tint Is Great

When most people think of tinted windows, they tend to think of supped-up cars with windows so dark you can’t see if anyone is in there. Just think of the limousines driving around in SA.  When you picture them, you include the tinted windows don’t you?  It would seem unnatural for a limousine to have clear windows.  And the trend caught on very quickly with other cars.  It’s also not just a fad of the 90’s that faded out, it is still very much in fashion and in demand.

While tinted windows are extremely popular with car owners in South Africa, they are also becoming an increasingly popular option in homes and offices all around the country.

The biggest benefit of tinting windows and glass doors in your home or office is the fact that tinted windows help to regulate temperature. In summer, they keep the room cool by not allowing UV rays in, while still letting sunlight in. In winter, tinted windows act as an insulator, keeping the room warm. Window film can come in a range of colours and opacities. The most common colour is black, and the most common opacity range is from 20-50%. The opacity determines how dense the colour will be, with lower percentages being very subtle and higher percentages being very densely coloured. Tinted windows can come in a huge range of colours.

This essentially means that you will be able to purchase window film that will match the colour of your car, should you wish to!  Of course the tint is not as colourful as the paint on your car, but it could accentuate your car’s look.  Not only that, you will also be able to choose from a large range of colours for your home or office building.  That is truly exciting as it will give the structure an entirely new and awesome look, increasing the sale value at the same time. That being said, it is imperative that window tinting is done by professionals only.  Especially if it’s on a building that is for sale. Messing up the windows will not help the selling of the building in any way!

Another reason window film is so popular in homes is the privacy they provide. Especially in clusters, townhouses and apartment buildings, where people live within close proximity to each other and your privacy may be compromised. The most popular rooms to have windows tinted are bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. In some residential areas, window tinting may not be allowed due to safety reasons, so you should check with your landlord before making any changes.

However, there are some townhouse complexes that have relaxed the rules a little bit when it comes to exterior and interior decorating and because window tinting serves a dual purpose (safety and decoration) it is quite likely that you will be allowed to add it to your windows.  It will also save the landlord some money as he wouldn’t have to add any additional security measures.  Tinted windows are known to be a deterrent to criminals as they are not sure of what they’re up against.  Of course if you are buying the place as opposed to renting it, you will be able to add anything your like.

Window tinting is relatively cheap, and professionals can do it in a few days. DIY tinting is not recommended, as air bubbles can be trapped, causing the window film to peel. Professional tinting usually comes with a warranty that is often over 20 years. Tinted windows do not require any maintenance other than the general maintenance one would do with traditional glass windows.

This is a great benefit to having tinted windows as they simply need to be wiped off with soapy water in order to keep them clean and shiny.  This means you get all the benefits of great-looking windows without any extra work!

It is easy for professionals to remove window tint film, so if you ever change your mind about your tinted windows, you have the option to have them removed without much fuss or effort.

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