Benefits Of Window Film

Window film (commonly called ‘window tinting’) is starting to become very popular in South Africa. Window film is often used on car windows to varying degrees: Sometimes it can be subtle, and sometimes it can be so dark it is impossible to look into the vehicle. There is an entire range of opacity when deciding to get your windows in your home, car or office tinted.

Window tinting is the perfect way to keep your car looking cool without having to pay too much.  The most common reason for window tinting is simply to keep the sun out while driving and to keep the temperature comfortable inside the car.  However there are several other reasons for getting your windows tinted.  And tinted windows are not just for cars, but for private homes and even buildings too.

1. Increased Privacy
More and more residential areas are having complexes and townhouses built rather than homes. This is because they can have more people living in the same amount of space, and therefore make more money. While there are many security benefits to living in a townhouse, the level of privacy can be very low. Some of your windows in your home may even look into your neighbour’s windows and vice versa! Having window film added to the windows in your home, especially your bedroom or bathroom, can prevent anyone from looking into your home, allowing you the privacy to relax. The importance of privacy can never be underestimated especially considering the dangerous times we are living it.  The lesser eyes you have prying into your property, the better.

2. Increased Safety
This is especially relevant when it comes to your vehicle. While there is a legal limit to how much your car’s glass can be tinted, having tinted windows makes it difficult for smash-and-grabbers or hijackers to look into your vehicle for any valuables. Most professional car tinting companies won’t tint your windows above the legal limit, but even having a slight tint can improve your safety on the roads. Just make sure that you are informed of exactly what the limits are before you let anyone add window film to your windows.

3. Keeps You Cool
Having tinted windows in your car or home keeps the temperature inside low. This is because the tint acts as a kind of “shade”, so even when you are driving on a hot day, your car will remain cooler than without window film. If you have rooms in your home where the sun shines in, making it very hot, having your house windows or glass doors tinted can save you money on air conditioning.

Window film is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your privacy and safety, as well as preventing it from getting to hot in your car or home. Window tinting is a simple, easy procedure and can be undone by professionals if you change your mind down the line.

4. Variety to Choose From
There are more than one type of window tint film to choose from as well.  These types include your usual thin film and a metalised type of film that has fine metal particles sprayed onto it.  Naturally the metalised film is a little more costly, but in the long run very worth it as it lasts longer.  However, it is important to note that some customers have indicated that some of the metals used in metalised film tends to interfere with the electronics in their car such as the radio or tracking device.
There is also a newer variety of window film that is gaining in popularity and is called the curious name of spluttering film.  It is a lightweight film that essentially has its very properties altered in order to be a great absorber of sun rays.  With this film you even have the option of choosing different colours!

5. Adds Value
Everyone loves a good car and even more so when the windows have a good quality tint on them.  It’s a fact that a car with tinted windows has a higher re-sale value than its bleak-windowed counterparts.  You will naturally also have to fork out more if you want to purchase a car with tinted windows.  In much the same way, solar or window tinting adds value to a house or building as well.

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