Little Cost Of Window Tinting

Window film has been popular in South Africa for many years. Almost everyone has seen a car with tinted windows, but many people are still not aware that the windows and glass doors in your home can be tinted too. Window film can come in a range of opacities, being subtly darker to downright impossible to look through. While the level of tinting for vehicles is regulated under law, there is no law stipulating how darkly you can tint your home windows. You may be wondering why you’d want to tint your home windows in the first place, and if so, read on to find out!

Just keep in mind that you should really decide first off whether tinted windows are the kind of look you want to incorporate in your home.  Once its on, you will have a jolly time trying to get it off again if you change your mind and it might lead to you having to replace all of your windows. Professional installers will be able to remove it for you, but it won’t come cheap. But we’re pretty sure you’ll love the dark window look, so read further to find out more about this ongoing trend.

  1. Having window film installed in your home will block out UV rays, without blocking all sunlight. While some sunlight may be blocked depending on how darkly you choose to have your windows tinted, the most common opacity range of tinted windows continues to allow sunlight into your home. Because UV rays are blocked, heat is also blocked, keeping your home cool in the summer. During the winter, tinted windows can act as insulators, keeping heat in your home. This is one of the biggest benefits of window tinting in the home, as it can save you a small fortune in electricity bills. Not to mention that you’ll be an environmental hero!  Less electricity means less fossil fuel usage, and essentially a healthier environment.  Because the window film retains heat inside your home or office building, there is no need for air conditioners or heaters either, which means even less strain on the environment.

  2. Tinted windows are beautiful as decoration. If you don’t need to worry about heating and cooling bills, the aesthetic of tinted windows in your home may be enough to convince you. Tinted windows look especially good on modern homes with sharp lines and edges, but other styles of home can also benefit from having window film installed on the windows. Not only will tinted windows make your house or building look good, you will have upped the value of it for a fraction of the cost.  Tinted windows increase the sale value of buildings quite substantially, so if you are in the market to sell your house, adding some window film to it will only increase your chances of selling it at a higher price.

  3. Window tinting is inexpensive. Having window film installed on your windows and glass doors is a relatively quick and simple procedure. Depending on how many window you want tinted in your home, it can take as little as a day or two. The price will depend on the company you to go, as well as the type of film you choose for your windows. The great thing is, if you ever change your mind about your tinted windows, having them taken off by professionals is simple and easy.

Always keep in mind, that like with everything else in life, settling for the first best window film is not the way to go about it.  Shopping around, comparing benefits and prices is always a good idea.  Also, the company that you purchase the window film from, should have an impeccable reputation and a money-back guarantee.  There are those companies out there who will promise the world and deliver nothing. This is why research into their experience and expertise is vital. Additionally, if you can install the window film yourself, then do it.  If you are not confident that you will be able to pull off a good job, then try to include the installation cost into the whole amount you pay for the window tinting.  This should save you a buck or two.

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