Different Types Of Shower Doors

There are a lot of different materials that shower doors can be made from.  People have very different tastes and manufacturing companies are capitalising on this fact.  Back in the day you could only choose one type of door for your shower and this wasn’t even a real door.  It was a shower curtain! But as time went on, people’s needs changed, therefore the multiple options of shower doors available today.  

One of the most popular shower doors that you can install these days, are glass sliding shower doors.  These doors are very easy to operate and maintain and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your personal taste.
If you have a very small shower you might want to have a look at a folding shower door.  This type of door takes up a lot less space which means you don’t have to struggle to get in or out of the shower.  These doors also come in different sizes so that you will be able to find one that is tailor made for your shower. If you are looking to buy a folding shower door you should look at one that is made of fibreglass and that is durable.  
There are also swinging shower doors available although these are not as popular as the rest.  These doors might be good for a person who is wanting to set up a certain look for their bathroom and shower.  Swinging doors are meant for bigger showers as they need quite a bit of space to set up and operate. These doors are usually made of fibreglass as well or even plastic.  Plastic does not last as long though.  
You can also add extra panels to your shower enclosure to fit in with the doors you’re installing.  Extra panels will add extra support to your structure as well as enlarge the shower space.  These extra panels can be made of glass or fibreglass as well.  Wood is obviously not advisable anywhere in a shower as it doesn’t do so well with water whether hot or cold.

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