Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom can be a tricky room to plan and decorate imaginatively as they are very functional and one usually has very little space to work with as most of the room is taken up by functional items such as bathroom appliances, pipes and drains.  That being said, any bathroom should always contain at least a basin and one other bathroom item, be it a shower and a basin, or a toilet and a basin, or a bath and basin.  The location of these items are typically dictated by the location of the plumbing inlets and outlets, and it is quite an operation to move them about, as the fittings are usually fixed and the plumbed fixtures are permanent.  It is therefore a good idea to be very clear on the practicality of the layout of the bathroom before building the room or renovating the bathroom.

The bathroom appliances must be chosen to last a long time, and quality rather than price is important.  The style of the bathroom has to correspond with the rest of the home, for instance, if the home has a modern feel, the bathroom should extend this ambience with modern but functional fittings.  Regardless of colours in fashion at the time, it is recommended that light and muted colours are used for the appliances, the most popular of which is still the pure white appliance.  White appliances can be complemented by any colour soft furnishings, paints, wall paper or curtains.

As with the appliances, permanent wall and floor finishes such as tiles or decorative wall boards are likely to be a long term fixture in the bathroom as well, and these should be chosen with great care to complement the permanent fixtures.
In a small bathroom, shelves and a small mirrored wall cabinet should be sufficiently practical while still good looking, and for the towels, one large rail for large towels and a small ring towel rail next to the basin should be fine.

In a large bathroom, wall cabinets can be installed for towels and a large mirror with a shaving point may be a good idea.

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