Different Types Of Paint For The House

Before choosing the best paint for the home, homeowners must familiarise themselves with the differences between paints. There are many types of paints designed for painting the interior and exterior of the home and they fall into two main categories namely oil based and water based paints. They differ in their drying processes, finish and ease of application. Alkyd paint is oil based whereas latex and acrylic paints are water based.  

Though oil based paints contains chemicals that speed up the drying process, it still take a very long time to dry. Oil based paints are ideal for the exterior of the home because they become very hard when they eventually dry. They are also preferred for decorative purposes because oil based paints leave a glossier and more attractive finish. Once the painting job is completed, thinner or other chemicals with similar qualities are effective in cleaning up.  

Water based paints, on the other hand, take a short time to dry because the water content evaporates to leave the paint dry. Water based paint is easy to clean off many types of surfaces. The only thing necessary to clean unwanted splatters of paint is warm water and a few drops of mild detergent. The water based paint finish is not exciting and it does command attention. Water based paint does not perform well in wet weather and that is why it is better to use it in the interior of the home.  

The d├ęcor theme in the home largely determines the colour of the paint. Homeowners must choose interesting versatile colour that will remain relevant and attractive throughout the year. The internet is full of painting ideas and tips for choosing the best paint. Another way to get advice about painting projects is to visit the local paint supply store to discuss paint colours, textures and suitability for the interior and exterior of the home. Also, some paints are quite pricey and homeowners must ensure they do not buy paint that is out of reach.                                                        

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