Cleaning Your Laminate Flooring

Many people prefer working with laminate floors since they are easy to take care of in terms of maintenance. Unlike with carpets, which requires you to spend hours on applying the shampoo or steam cleaning it, cleaning the laminate floors will require very little of your time. You also won’t need to allow for the same amount of drying time as carpets would require. The cleaning process of this type of floor is fast and easy which leaves you with more time for other important activities.

People never have enough time and you mostly find yourself being torn between different chores, tasks and work. If you are one of these people then laminate flooring is a great option for you. For much of the time you’ll need a mop to get the floor looking shiny and new. The trick to remember is that you won’t even need to make use of a wet mop either. You do get the mops with the small disposable pad that will allow you to pick up both dirt and dust just fine. If your pad is dirty then all you need to do is to toss it in the bin and use another.

In order for you to minimise the damage to the flooring, you need to treat spills and stains the moment they occur. Dirt will stratify over time. If this is the case more aggressive cleaning methods than a mere mopping will definitely be required. You will also need to probably make use of some type of commercial cleaning solution. You shouldn’t ever experiment on the flooring for risk of damaging it. Rather look at manufacturer instructions of the floor to see what type of detergent you can use to clean it effectively. Make use of eco-friendly products if at all possible. Remember that the fewer chemicals you make use of, the better it will ultimately be.

These are only some of the ways you can go about cleaning your laminate flooring. Enjoy a clean home with fresh and shiny looking floors that will last you for many years.

The key to cleaning your laminate flooring is keeping away from the possibility of streaks and artificial products. Looking after these materials is a necessity to ensure its lasting nature. Finding the best smooth finish without sticky residue or marks can be done with a hardwood floor cleaner.

There are many products on the shelves that are specifically used for laminate flooring. Oil-based soaps can be diluted in water.

Finding a concentrated formula that is non-toxic, biodegradable and wont damage or discolour the wood is a necessity for maintenance. Finding a mop that cleans and vacuums excess water at the same time will work wonders on the look and feel of the flooring. Due to its durability, small stains can be removed quickly and easily. However there must be a seal or protecting factor in areas where people walk through often. Anti-slide mats are convenient and protect the flooring in spaces that need extra precaution. Furniture placed on the floor can be sealed by a felt pad to ensure no scratches on the surface. This is very important as the warrantee does not guarantee careless care-taking of your home.

Sweeping regularly will aid to the ideal look, making sure no dust or potential residue will build up. Constantly being aware of the flooring will be beneficial to keeping the area clean. If there are any spills, the ideal thing to do is clean them up right away. When placing rugs in high-traffic zones, remember that the materials must be breathable to avoid moisture set-up. Setting them up by doors and kitchen sinks ensures no excess water will fall onto the floor. Try to prevent rolling heavy appliances or machines on the floor. Rather pick them up as it might cause damages to the laminate flooring.

During the cleaning process, keep away from waxes, bleaches, solvents and polishes. If not dried properly, these products can leave residue or marks behind. Ideally, the floor should not be exposed to direct sunlight; however the humidity levels must be in-between 35% and 55%.

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