Natural Green Cleaning For Wood Flooring

If you have recently bought a home that didn’t come with hardwood floors, there is a wide range to choose from. Wooden floors have become products that are designed for certain structural or aesthetic references. With an elasticity and flexibility that is easy to operate on, each slat of wood comes from a particular piece of timber. Their appearance is very important; therefore the selection is crucial for the final product.

My partner and my home have a beautiful honey-colored pine floor which is a favorite feature of our 180 year old home. We also at times picture our home’s original owners prancing around the rooms all dressed in their period clothing. When the house was built in the early 1830s it certainly lacked today’s modern conveniences. These include running water, central heating and indoor plumbing. So it would seem for the first 75 years of the home’s existence its residents had to lug all the coal bins up many flights of exhausting stairs in order to offer heat to its many numbered small rooms, carrying the thunder mugs or chamber pots down the same stairs in order to empty it in the property’s backyard.

However, even through the many years’ cold winters and very hot and humid summers, with more than a century’s coal dust and wear and tear, the original wooden floors remained. Wood flooring today is very popular in homes. Wood is biodegradable and very ear and eco-friendly. It is also recyclable and renewable and each year new products such as engineered wood flooring and bamboo that are brought to market.

Since there are no two types of wooden floors that are similar, you can’t ever clean two types of floors exactly the same. Contrary to what many people believe, wood floors don’t like wet mopping, and hate water and any type of excessive cleaning. I would suggest you clean the wood floors with a cup of white vinegar which is mixed with water. You can then spray a towel with the water and vinegar solution and lightly damp it to mop the floors. When the rag is soiled simply replace it with afresh rag.
Compact wood has a natural essence. Some wood is hydroscopic. This entails that the materials obtain and lose moisture due to the surrounding areas around them. One must be aware of the maintenance wooden floors are. Originally 100mm boards are the thickest measurement that can be manufactured from wood without compromising the structure and quality of the flooring. The ideal composition is to lay them down over concrete slabs.

Solid wood can be changed in three ways. They appear in forms of quarter, flat and rift-sawn. Since the wood is only visible on one side of the flooring, the different types are worn in a resemblance, but the tiny distinction appears in their grooves. Most floors are manufactured in a dense manner with grooves cut into the back that outline the measurement of the flooring.
The installation system works with connectors on the planks of the wood. This flooring may be fitted by a connector of wood, rubber or plastic. The other popular option is gluing down the floor boards. This method is similar to that of laying tiles. Each option will work well as long as the maintenance in the future is productive. One must look after the wood constantly, which includes sweeping, vacuuming and mopping to prolong the stability.

The final touches are vital to the appearance and function. Two properties that are required are polyurethane and oil. Together they varnish the product leaving it to strengthen for years to come. Not only will the hardwood flooring last for generations if the upkeep is seen to, there will always be a vibrant shine and texture of the appearance of the flooring.

By using this simple and gentle cleaning method you will be able to clean your wooden floors without actually destroying them and make sure that you enjoy years and years of pleasure from these floors. Never use abrasive cleaning practices to clean your wooden floors since it might end up causing more damage than good.

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