Best Bathroom Design Ideas

The best bathroom design ideas go beyond rearranging elements in a bathroom. Easy to follow steps, ideas and details will ensure a place to you look forward to relaxing in at the end of a busy day.

The most creative bathroom design ideas include a bathroom colour scheme. The simplest way to enhance the design of your bathroom is to paint the walls, thereby establishing the basic colour scheme.  Soft colours on the walls, but contrasting accent colours with décor will help to create shades of light and bold colour combinations, creating an inviting yet inspiring place to be.

Contemporary and modern bathroom design ideas embrace a less is more approach. Less clutter and more organisation gives a spacious look to the bathroom. Remove unnecessary bottles and accessories that give the bathroom a busy appearance. Remove all previous décor such as pictures, mirrors, curtains, blinds and bottles. Start with a blank canvas and add one item at a time, thus avoiding a tendency to have a cluttered space.

Stylish bathroom designs and ideas include a well-lit vanity area, modern bathroom fittings and state of the art taps and accessories, together with shower fittings and bath fittings to create an ambience of luxury and stylish living. Heated towel rails are a must for those cold winter nights, where the luxurious wrap of a warm soft towel can beat those winter blues.

One of the most important Bathroom design details to consider would be maximising natural lighting by placing light coloured blinds and preferably roll up blinds, even in natural shades of bamboo, instead of shutters or dark drapes.  An inspired, creative and tasteful bathroom design theme can enhance your colour scheme and the overall bathroom ambience, whether you choose a beach theme or a modern theme. Paging through current decorating magazines will give you easy to imagine results.

Bathroom design solutions for storage can have a big impact in the overall effect, especially towel racks which can be neatly presented, and baskets which can be packed away in vanity units, fulfilling both a practical and a décor role.

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